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Shaving Days Need to Be OVER!

To wax or to shave? That is indeed a good question.

There are many different hair removal options nowadays but these two are the most popular. There’s pros and cons for both, but if we had to choose the one with the most benefits for the skin, there is only one winner: waxing.

Sometimes shaving might seem like the most effective alternative because it's fast and cheap but risking cuts and clogging the drain is not very fun. In the long run, trust us- waxing is your best friend.

  1. Waxing removes dead skin cells

Waxing not only removes hair, it also exfoliates your skin. When you pull out the wax from your skin, it takes away dead cells and leaves a brand-new layer of skin. This is why the outcome feels so soft and smooth!

2. Long-lasting results

Shaving doesn't entirely remove hair, it just cuts the visible part of the hair on the surface of the skin. But hairs are much longer than that. That's the reason why after shaving, fuzz grows back so quickly – in just one week hairs are visible again. On the other hand, waxing does remove hairs from the root; therefore, it takes a lot longer for hairs to grow back and be visible on the surface of the skin – from three to four weeks, depending on the person.

3.Hairs might cease to grow

Waxing pulls hairs out from the root; this action weakens the hair follicles, and therefore, hairs grow back, but are less strong. Overtime, if you wax on a regular basis, hairs might actually stop growing.

4. Hairs grow back thinner

Given that waxing weakens the hair follicles, sometimes hairs start to grow much thinner, and they become easier to pull out. Following waxing sessions become easier!

5. Smoother outcome

The final result after a waxing session is much smoother and attractive than any other kind of shaving method, especially because the hair is pulled out from the root.

6. No more hyperpigmentation

In case you didn't know, hyperpigmentation is a condition that develops when small areas of the skin become darker than the rest. Skin that have been shaved several times can experience hyperpigmentation. Sometimes, even dermatologists are required to solve the problem. This will never happen with waxing.

7. No more itching

It's really annoying and we can empathize. Itchy legs, armpits, or pubic areas are a common problem for women and men even right after shaving. With waxing, this could be prevented by using high-quality, nourishing waxes that are made to treat and prevent said side effects. We also carry high-end products in store, just ask one of our experts.

8. No more cuts

When shaving, you can seriously harm yourself when the blades are too sharp or if you're not paying attention to what you're doing. It's such a risk to try to shave those sensitive areas, trust us and let our professionals help remove the hair.

9. Wide range of options

We are all created with different types of skin, therefore, there are many variety of waxes that can cater to your skin type. The alternatives are endless.

10. Fast yet better results

We won't lie, shaving will always be the fastest way to remove hair, and you can get hairless legs, for example, in just ten minutes. However, waxing doesn't require much time either, and for the little extra time you're spending, you will get much better results. Shaving might be the easiest way out, but it's certainly not the best!

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