PFB Numb It Spray

PFB Numb It Spray


Numb-it™ pfb is a fast-acting topical anesthetic gel that takes the “sting” out of hair removal. It does not interfere with wax and leaves no greasy film on the skin. Numb-it is a topical product that will help to ease the pain with waxing or laser treatments.


The numb-it is an amazing lightweight product that you would apply on about 15 minutes prior to your treatment that helps take the edge off sting from waxing or laser treatments. With the numb-it, we drop 4 or so drops in the area and never put plastic wrap over it as it could cause a toxic response.

If you have any fears about waxing, then numb-it is your friend. Apply a thin layer before a wax or laser treatment and this puppy will ease the discomfort! You will be so happy you did!

Leave your unwanted hair to the WAXPROS!

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